follow-up to "present's(today's)dream"

Future's Dream

What has unfolded through the past through the present all have led us to this future.
The future that never wishes to believe that is worst than the past.
All have fantasized through better dreams.
We will forever dream of the future.
But we want the present to overrule forever.
The future’s dream caves in our hearts.
Forever it will receive light from dreams.
Do you ever dream of our future?
Do you ever fantasize about the little things you want to do to me?
Do you ever dream about the little things that you want me to do to you?
The future’s dream is soon to come.
But as time unfolds,
it will still unfurl and sway in the breeze.

Poetry by Love Knight
Read 481 times
Written on 2006-07-12 at 21:16

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Three words: I LOVE IT!!!!!!
The way you bring out your thoughts makes me pause and think about what I would have wanted to be my future and who I want it with!Such a well written piece,my dear!

haseen whel
Everyone has a future's dream..but don't let your mind only dreaming just work hard to have it!!!kissess