The song of my SoulÖ

You Canít Take Away My Soul

You can take away my heart,
You can take away my sleep,
You can take away my peace,
You can take me as a whole,
You canít take away my soul!

Rob me off my rainbow dreams,
Make me restless; make me scream,
With anguish or joy extreme.
Come; take me into your fold!
But, donít take away my soul!

You can lock me up in jail,
You can set my boat on sail,
To Camen Islands in gales.
Drown me in your orb like bowls!
But, donít take away my soul!

You can take my jewels and pearls,
You can take my smiles and curls,
You can take my youth unfurled.
Come; distract me from my goal!
But, donít take away my soul!

My Soul is all I have got,
It is my saviour; it is my lord,
My soul is my inner self,
My soul is my real core,
You canít take away my soul!

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 716 times
Written on 2006-07-14 at 06:24

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Veld Cooper
This is so true, dear Zoya - the ultimate 'bottom line' which no hardship, suffering, torture or indignity can reach.

Amanda K
This is a very strong wiriting and u know wut it reminded me of those in war. The enemy can take their bodies, homes,kids.......ect away but not their souls.

Keep it up,

"My Soul is all I have got,"

Zoya , missed you so . This write is a song singing in the season , for the most beautiful bird has returned .

thats beautiful, truly beautiful, thankyou!

So beautiful
So true!!
Effortlessly written, the whole piece it seems.

Zoya Zaidi
Thanks a pile dear freinds, for your love and effection. I am on a holiday in London, and this is to send you my love from here. I am enjoying myself thoroughly. Let me see, if I can find time to post a poem soon?
((((Fond hugs to you all))))
Love, xxx, Zoya

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Zoya, I have missed you so. I have been away for 2 weeks and saw nothing by you on this site so today I decided to go to you. Oh, what a find! This is strong and profound! I love the energy and the determination in your words. I am happy to have found you once again. Your beautiful soul shines! kathy xxx

beautiful zoya!!
and of course no one can take away your soul, it's to speciall to full of love for anyone to carry :)


The message of your poem is so clear which is hearing alwayas somewhere in our suroundings. willingness to surrender everything to save the soul.
its cry or an appeal of distructed and frustracted. you done it very well

Beautiful and awe-inspiring!! Such courage and warmth flow freely in this poem! Bravo!

once again you show how beautifuly gifted you are in the way you write..
giving such truth about ones soul. Powerful meaningful expression
"It is my saviour;it is my Lord.."
How this poem another
let him into your "Heart and Soul"
thanku for this write
Beautiful gifted warmhearted brave soul!
you do show in your poetry:)

Zoya Zaidi
My dear Mike, Arti and other friends, I was away precisely for five days. This was just a brief interlude; But, the real disappearing act is coming up: I am going to be in London on a along (three weeks to be precize) holiday with Soni, my daughter. Take care in my abscence. I will try, though I dont think, I will have time to post here, but write I will, all new English countryside, and not so country side poems...So, Might even post some...
Any way don't miss me too much!
Though, I'll miss all of you a lot!
Should be back by 10 th of Aug.

**Hugs till then and take care**
Love, xxx, Zoya

Benny Strukelj
Lovley poem:)

Malin Johansson
A very beautiful poem here Zoya!!
The soul is what keeps us going because we believe in the beautiful things ( the soul )... the soul makes us complete...
Hope your soul will stay with you :))
Regards to you

night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
You can't take away my soul
even if you try
you can't take away my soul
who can capture the wind?
who can tame my soul?
Even if you try
you can't take away my soul
I am free, nothing can touch me
Even if I die
You can't take away my soul
I will fly away
I will ride the winds la la la

Lovely poem Zoya :) I could hear the melody of your soul :) Well done :)

Ron. S. King
What a beautiful write, dear Zoya, though, I fear, that love, as will music and poetry, steal any soul from within those who love... You write with such soft and violet ink...Ron.

You seemed to have disappeared here in between.... Welcome back.

My soul is my essence of being me
My soul is untouched and pure
No matter how defiled my body may be.
My soul is warmed by the flame of life
My soul is one, it is whole and healthy
No matter how much hurt by strife
My soul is what stays after my body is gone
My soul is what makes my world go round
No matter how tough life, my soul goes on and on...

Your poem reminds me of one of my poems... Lust for Life... its a different vein, a different reason, but still... Its the spirit that matters!

Hi ya my Asian princess this is a beautiful poem and glad to see you posting again

we missed yoiur gentle rythmic and sublte oftimes hard hitting poetry

and you have and are a beautiful soul lololol

rgds Mike xxx

haseen whel
My soul is my inner self...that's true!!! good poem here!!!kissess

Zachary P. B.
That was beautiful. And truly the most important part of us, is our soul. It is our connection in humanity. It connects you and me and others. Beautiful.