“handwriting on the wall”

Free like the wind
as I never been before

Dust in the wind,
All That Remains

like a crying wolf
I will sing tonight

While the wind is blowing
and my heart is bleeding

Gone with the wind
What they took away

The wheel is turning
and they can't slow it down

Even if they try
I will set the Wind On Fire

Who can capture the wind?
who can prison my soul?

They can never touch me
They will never be free

What you give is
what you get

Look at the wall
the message is for you

it's not just a story
it could be your future...

The roads you 've taken
will lead you far and near

What you give is
what you get

Will your world splinter?
Will you ride the winds?

as free as the wind blows
your soul was born to be free

Please take my hand
and we will ride the winds

Will your world splinter?
or will you sing tonight?

Come and catch the breeze
and rise with the sun

the winds of love
are waiting for you...

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 785 times
Written on 2006-07-15 at 15:41

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Kathryn Walsh
This peice frees ones thoughts and heart. Beautiful.

Ron. S. King
A very enchanting poem...To run with the wind! To be free to ride with the winds...Yet those who love are never free like the wind, for they ride within their own passions...You write so well, so joyous...Ron.

Malin Johansson
Very beautiful poem here my friend :))
You are so right
*what we give
is what we get :))
Sunny regards

Be free, Night Soul! In the friendly darkness lose yourself and live again!!!