This is poem that exposes the universal problems caused due to corruption.


Law fails
Injustice rules,
Fools rejoice
Wise Suffers.
Morality quits
Money governs,
Light fades
Darkness engulfs.
Own mother kicked out
But adopted, in,
Undiscerned to recognize
Between holy and sin.
Pious hearts break
Perfidious breeds
Majority subjugated
Few elevated.
Development freezes
Starvation booms,
Nation cries
But citizen never thinks.

Poetry by Bhakta Raj Giri
Read 375 times
Written on 2006-07-26 at 10:41

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la tristesse

i thought the poem was good, and showed strong word usage. what does pious mean? (smile).

Love Knight
Strong emotions and and this poem deserves attention it is a good point to this world.