back to pretending, dreaming, and hoping...

She Waited...

She waited for his return
with anticipation she yearned
to see his face again
to see that rugged skin
to adore those soft warm eyes
to hear him slowly sigh
to run her fingers through his hair
to touch his body with tender care

She waited for this moment at last
She waited and then it came to pass

for her to lie with him
for her to kiss with him
for her to bathe with him
for her to love with him
for her to sleep with him
for her to wake with him

She waited for him...

to love her over again
to bring her back and then
take her away with him
just like it should have been
in the days she would pretend
that he was really in love
with her.

Kathy Lockhart

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 559 times
Written on 2006-08-22 at 08:15

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Julie Zerbe
A very sensual poem and just like what I feel when he is not around... J

So beautiful to read, it flows soft like a forgotten creek where kids once played, then grew up and forgot to come back. The creek has life to give, it's waiting for someone to find it behind its overgrown banks. It's cool refreshing water waits like her, to give life to someone. But those kids have grown up and gone. Some, someday, will rediscover that creek and bring his grankids to splash in its cook pools. An it will be real.
Some how the lines and words of your poem just seemed to flow, hense the creek.

Dan Cederholm

Hello Kathy what a great love poem and all

the waiting to fullfill the very special

betwen the two!!!

Great writing and great reading!!!

Regards Dan


This is what every love and loved one want to wants to feel and dream of the other. Sweet and sultry.

Chris Fernie
Dear Kathy,

I liked the circularity of your plaintive poem; it reminded me of one of those romantic rounds like the full version of 'Scarborough Fair'. I very much hope that your poem will not be unrequited for too long!

Cheers, Chris Fernie (Bolton, England)

What a beautiful and softly sensuous poem this is your smooth style come thruogh in this lovely text i will book mark this rgds Mike

haseen whel
Sometimes I always dream like this and hoping that someday there is a man who loving me for who I am!!!! lovely poem Mom!!!kissess(daughter)

a beautiful write..
indepth poem
I felt in this read..

Zachary P. B.
but it's the waiting that's important... i mean, the journey, the individual, the love (requited or not) is what actually matters...

a very deep, emotional poem here Kathy. =)

don't look too hard, he might be under your nose

God bless dear Kathy,