-- Co-written with Rob Hook, with permission--on both pages
Thanks PRFSR for the enlightenment into the constellations and mythology. It was a challenging and fun course! Sprite

the galionji’s dream

Constellation desolation as the stars fell from the sky.
Andromeda! Copernicus! Lacertia! … increments.
Queens, Goats, and Lizards rained before his eyes,
Flickering sparks of dying embers … detritus,
All faltering, failing, without the wizard’s guide.

The night’s dismal agonies had distracted the galionji.
Ganymede’s luscious grape had done no less.
His vessel was beset by the lamentations of banshees.
The seas roared in vicious mockery at his distress,
As the winds wept and the skies burned with Circe’s sorcery.

The din of wailings pierced the distracted, drunken time,
Steering the mariner to the spellbound Isle of Dread.
The Dread Goddess drugged, then turned him into swine,
Devouring all the beauty’s light, abysmal figurehead!
Dripping all the dead stars’ dust throughout that ancient sty.

The galionji’s nightmares increased nine-fold with this.
He waited for the scythe, for the unholy mistress of spells
To feast upon his barren flesh. He longed for silent seas,
Paterfamilias. Columba! Draco! Besiege this monstrous hell.
I bid thee, strike this siren down. I seek Aries. I seek relief!

The waters of deliverance were charmed. Eridanus sighed.
Rivers flowed. Death spewed into the underworld’s well.
Golden Fleece. Dragon’s Disease. Swans died.
As the roar of the falls brought dismal Dove call,
She brought harmony back to the black of the absent sky.

The galionji awoke with a start, his mind confused and lost.
The waves lapping softly against the hull comforted him.
The presence of the north star and the southern cross
A familiar deliverance to his soul. A passionate grin.
Aquarius! Pegasus! Sagittarius! I bow to thee … breathless.

Poetry by Kathy Lockhart
Read 492 times
Written on 2006-08-23 at 06:04

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and the new pic is gorgeous!

PRFSR and Sprite! You two guys are producing duets of overwhelming beauty!!!

The ongoing dance of the constellations . Great work Kathy and Rob

Zachary P. B.
wonderfully inspirational, brings dreams and beautiful memories to mind... oh to live a dream like this as life so real! bliss surely heaven indeed...

"when you wish upon a star"

Kathy Lockhart
with Rob it is a wonderful ride and an education! thanks Kathy

What an epic poem! Excellent flow, subject, imagery..the whole thing is just fantastic!! BRAVO!