this is about 2 different people, with 'helga' being a feature with both. first part: pretending to be Swedish with Mel, second part: my ex Phil's hippo on his dashboard



A joke that integrated,
turned natural.
Remember when the laughs began?

That barbecue
When we thought we would end up
with plates as bare as shotglasses

Escaped from that judgement,
Sat with the group of floaters
Where the spa was promised to have come

The water was all upstairs in my hallway
So I came down to dry land
where you kept the boat floating

Bread rolls to incite the game
The sauce, the people who began
to drift casually with the wind

To take their share
Dig into their slice of the pie,
Emerge with crumbs still attached.

We laughed, all the while
With and without those
who were not privy

To our private world of
Sausages, stereotypes,
Words to accent stupidly

Didnít have the chance to
see you throw the weight around
Would have been gŁt, ya?

The freezeframe tells the story,
Us, by the tree,
You as red as the desert dirt

Shaphan up the tree,
High as a kite
Pulled by the rest of the squad

Except the netballers.
They were on their own crusade,
Their exclusive party

The journey to see
While a dozen was cooking for us
Big drop on expectation

The last night
Minds drifting into blurry worlds
Liquid fuel of fire

Slow motion run towards,
Glasses charged,
Inevitable smash
Laughter ringing through the halls
Hilarity, escapism, honesty

You were the last crusader.


Charlz has Vishaad the Verocious
You have the hippo
Animals on dashboards

Eyes where yours shouldnít be
Common car, you two and ma,
Toyota seca constantly in drive

Long distance calls
Thatís how far off you are
Beep beep beepÖ

Trailing into silence
Words you let out,
Concepts as boring as the wind

Nice guys donít always get the girl
They give others their jacket,
Send emails of possum photos

Air the dirty laundry
In the faces of the friends
Now standing off the sideline

It had been done before
I didnít fancy the danger- again
I thought you would have known

You had experienced
you later told, but
Patronised I did not want to be

So they saw,
But you covered through your teeth
Why would I believe you over her?

The thrill of melting didnít last all that long,
All that was left was a puddle
Of what was first felt

Possums, sent extra large
Transmitted through computer
Statically unmoving

I could have sent something back,
Swell a line or two
To break up the scenery

There was no will
You have the special two
But we were not.

I wish I had them back

Those days, those ways,
My earrings I love so,
The events I need to change

So much it hurts to think

A hippo with sausage
A trainwreck gone by
I am Helga, I am the casualty

Poetry by Caila Ihle
Read 484 times
Written on 2006-08-27 at 04:47

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Man this is great, This is excellent blending of metaphors of love wanted and love lost

Zachary P. B.
So much it hurts to think...

or feel or touch or love or be

because, we're chained...

we all are 'helga' in a way... in that way at least.

I am Helga, I am the casualty...