This sonnet was written about how I (and probably many others) have to cover up my feelings/change them to appease others.

Temporary Sanctuary

At night, I see peace
As the cool air drifts over me
All struggles will cease
I can be what I want to be

There is no worry about what's right or wrong
Or about what's good or bad
Night sings a new song
Where it's okay to be happy or sad

No one can hold me down
For my feelings are my own
During the day it's illegal to frown
But during the night true seeds are sown

But here comes day with the intent of sin
And now my feelings are going to get raped again.

Poetry by Xuxa
Read 556 times
Written on 2006-09-07 at 02:35

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keith nunes
fantastic. just how it feels too. good write