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Rythem of Love

In the few years I have lived
I have searched high and low
Looking for just one answer
To a question I know

What is the meaning of life?
Many have often thought
The idea of not knowing
Makes some people distraught

The question is so simple
Yet hard and so complex
Just imagine of all the minds
It’s managed to perplex

Then one day it came to me
Came right out of the blue
Take my words for what you may
That’s all I ask of you

the whole realm of existence
and what we’re put here for
is narrowed down to letters
precisely down to four

And those letters spell one word
And that’s L O V E
And that is what we’re here for
At least it is to me

Now you may say “I differ”
But just listen to me
I am not done explaining
And when I am you’ll see

The first you should love is God
Because he put you here
And if you really love him
To his law you’ll adhere

Your next love should be others
Love neighbor as yourself
Cause in your life there’re some things
One can’t do by oneself

Next should be your family
To them you must be true
Cause you know that they’ll be there
No matter what you do

And last but not least yourself
Yes you need some love too
So you won’t get all depressed
And bid your life adieu

The point I’m trying to make
You gathered from above
In your life you should follow
The strong rhythm of love

Poetry by Michael G
Read 498 times
Written on 2006-09-14 at 22:25

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Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This is great and refreshing! Thank you for posting it. : ) kathy