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NOTE: 2005 03 06 19H31 EST A Smile Remembered

A Smile Remembered

would i now?
is what im wondering…
would i care
if you did again?
(i don’t think)

solidly colored written words leak
on the walls like watered chalk dust
in the shrouded truth’s void
your thought evaporates
(were you ever?)

tricks of a heart try
to grasp soluble intents
watched my mind melt
even though freezing
(sun iced over)

metaphors of the mad
leave scattered holes
in the membranes of reason
profusion of chaos wears me
(a smile remembered)

avalanche of lies jab,
killing the now meek pride of you
unannounced storms shatter skies
as the picture burns to a quiet end
(sweet silence)

written with white ink
unseen by all but known
by two tragedies unlinked
collecting broken pieces
(there are no regrets?)

i’m thinking now…
do i?
do i care
that you do again?
(i think true is false)

shrouded truth found the light…
i see you now.


Words by Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2005-09-19 at 04:40

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time opens all eyes eventually i think, no matter the blinds that obstruct us.

Amanda K
it's unknown who is exactly your are calling maybe that what makes it sounds a dear shadow from the past. well-written,as always.


Commentally Ill
if true is false, does that make false true? and if false is true and i'm lying but it turns out i was mistaken and really telling the truth, is it still a lie or no? :P sorry, dumbass ponderings...

a smile remembered, i thought it was going to be lighthearted but then it wasn't (on the second or third read i think, lol, it's like watching a favorite movie again in the hopes that this time it will turn out happier in the end......)

this is good.

chasingtheday The PoetBay support member heart!
it's fine saying if we could go back, what we would have different, but sadly we can not. though it is nice to dream of times being different.