The resolution of eating healthy means cutting out my sweet tooth.

I miss my sweets

Two weeks ago, I started the plan
of eating healthier.
It was been so mundane.

Fruits, vegetables, oatmeal in the
Salads for snacks.
Juice instead of pop for a

I miss the pop tarts.
I miss the cookies dunked
in milk.
I miss the bavarian creme
I miss the butterscotch syrup
on my ice cream.
In fact, I have cut out ice cream.

Tables of sweets parade through
my dreams.
The taste of chocolate covered
cherries dream on my tongue

I go grocery shopping.
I drool at the tantalizing
treats on the shelves.
Throwing out their sweet
perfume to draw me in.

Stop it!
I rap my head.
All that stuff is evil for you!
I want beautiful skin and hair.
Sugar is a poison to my face.

I miss my sweets.
My darlings, the nice
tasty goodness.

I was one of the worst
sweet lovers in the world.
Now I am reformed.

Chocolate is my favorite food.
In any form.
I last ate chocolate two weeks
Do not curse me!
It was dark chocolate.
It stated on the wrapper
that it was a source of
natural antioxidants.

I was eating fruits and
vegetables three times a
Now I eat them four times
a day.
I am running to the bathroom
more often.
I feel like a cow chomping on

I will continue the healthy eating
Fruits and vegetables will
continue to cloud my days.

I can splurge occasionally.
Chocolate covered cherries
are hard to ignore.

Poetry by Amy Buchanan
Read 410 times
Written on 2006-10-06 at 06:36

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keith nunes
good for you! it takes courage - keep the faith