didn't happen to me, just got the idea off a song


this is not who i want to be
this is the me i have to be for my family
hardened, tough, quick, what ever keeps me alive
never knowing when the the sanity is going to die

I wake up in the morning and I pretend to forget
that my dads and alcoholic and my moms on pills.
I get out of my bed, get dressed and grab some food
i lace up my shoes and start to skate off to school

If i had known today was it i would have made my point
that life can be a bitch and can't be solved with a joint
however i didn't know so I skivved off my test
instead i made a wrong turn and john took two to the chest

Call me blind but i didn't see it coming,
People were runnin' but i didn't hear nothin except
a gun blast it happened so damn fast
i can't believe i didn't notice till john didn't show up for class.

we are we are, youth of the nation
we are we are, youth of the nation
we are we are, youth of the nation
we are we are, youth of the nation

Poetry by Painful Profits
Read 557 times
Written on 2006-10-26 at 03:48

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Zoya Zaidi
Dear Painful,,
A very painful, but real look
On life that is today
With the young, who just
Go along totting a gun,
Take their frustration out on others,
Just don't think the harm they cause others?

(((Hugs for the very thought provoking poem))))