Too vivid to be completely a dream...


From an unknown source they rise unbidden
The subtle kisses of darkness
That drag fear kicking and screaming from her fragrant cage
And dump her in plain sight, curled and whimpering
Where rest should be found, instead lurks despair
At the bottom of a murky pool, enclosed in darkness
Lungs a fleshy furnace, seeking air and life
Yet tumbling, weightless, hopeless, a wraith clawing at reality
With intangible fingers…
In a ruined mansion, scrambling, sweating
As a cherished love is borne away on the wings of malevolence
A shrieking dragon whirls in midair, as a green eye seeks the missing one
Teeth glittering like half rotted, mottled diamonds
It dives, a scaly comet from hell…
Deep in the jungle, cowering amid the forbidding trees
As soulless minotaurs hunt another victim
Unearthing teak and mahogany, by violent force of will
Finally spotting a softer target
Laughter howls like the cries of lost souls
Muscular arms reaching out; foul incantations spoken
As a scream rings clear…
Like a guttering flame fighting its way back, you spring up
As your mind slowly pulls away the distorting, glazed illusion
To reveal only the beautifully safely ordinary world
Hum of refrigerator, tick of clock assure you the world is upright
And yet you refuse to allow yourself to return to the chasm
From which dark things emerge
So you huddle in a corner of the traitorous bed, and wait
But the darkness' seductive caress proves overwhelming
And again you roam the plains of Morpheus
In pleasure or peril? Daylight will tell…

Poetry by Dominic
Read 504 times
Written on 2006-10-27 at 02:59

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