Inspired by "Memoires of a Geisha" while I listened to the incredibly beautiful soundtrack from that movie. :)


You place the mask on your face
and paint your lips red
You travel to another time, another place
or at least, so it is said

You seduce men with your beauty and charm
they must, for you pay a very high price
There's no guarantie that they won't cause you any harm
yet, still you must at all times play nice

With black, curly and wavy hair
falling down your bare skin
they can do nothing but stare
at your beauty, both outside and within

You open the fan and hide behind
with eyes so sensual you tease them
and with your clever mind
you verbaly please them

Powder white covering your skin
you play the string-instrument with exceptional skill
And you sing, sing as you move your waste so thin
in a dance of dreams, whatever you will

Yet, you can never be free
A doll painted into eternity
You will always stay a dream, and be
forever caught in a place of serenity

Poetry by Sabrina
Read 548 times
Written on 2006-10-30 at 20:46

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