Lone was I born
Lone am I
I need a friend, why?
As all are not friends
So do foes.

A friend yesterday
May not be today
As the world today
May not be tomorrow.

Your today’s beloved
May be others tomorrow
Lone was I born
Lone am I.

Care not for false friends
Listen to your heart
On time, use your brain
If it is not drain.


Poetry by Bhakta Raj Giri
Read 393 times
Written on 2006-11-01 at 05:22

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
You live and write in the harsh reality of your life experience. But I want you to experience some positives in this life. I pray you will soon, and be able to write those too. We are all here to offer you support and many of us will become your friend as we get to know eachother through our poetry.

Unfortunately, that is the sad truth about life.

la tristesse
there is a profundity to your work that is so very believable and almost palpable. this is no exception.