Itís probably too soon for a Christmas poem, but itís better to be safe and sorryÖ

Just another Christmas Song

Just another Christmas song
Snow falling winterís time
For singing of old and young
With its lovely olí rime
You and I to rejoice the night
For love of this occasion
The Christmas star shines bright
In its love and persuasion

If doors will open itís then
When the hearts are together
And peace be with all of men
In beautiful snowy weather
What youíll bring I do not know
But I hope it is your best
Something like incandescent glow
To give each quarrel a rest

Faraway in its darkish dark
Blinking stars are shining on
Like that we all must do and spark
Until these moments are gone
So give your heart a rest and peace
With the songs you need to sing
Your love in your singing release
And serene holiday again bring


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Poetry by Peter S. Quinn
Read 947 times
Written on 2006-11-03 at 01:55

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