Are you up for the challenge?
Darkness and evil, light and goodness... or?
Write me your interpretation of darkness and light, you may write as you wish, a songtext, a haiku, a novel, a poem.... anything of which you feel most comfertable with! :)

Darkness vs. Light ~~Challenge~~

Mother, could you please...

The human mother walked up to her sons bedside and imprinted a gentle kiss on his forehead.
What a sign of affection! The son thought to himself and said:

"Goodnight, I love you mom!"

The mother smiled the brightest smile.

"Goodnight my son"

Then she quietly left the room and was just about to close the door behind her, but she was stopped in her tracks by her sons fragile voice:

"Mother, could you please leave the door open... I'm afraid of the dark!"

Somewhere else, at a remote location, the vampire mother sat down beside her vampire-sons coffin and leaned down with her gleaming white teeth piercing through the neck of her vampire-child.
Then she started to suck from the blood that was non-existant in her sons body.
What a sign of affection! The son thought, and sighed from ecstacy.

"Evilnight mother!"

He said.

"Evilnight my son"

the mother replied with a wide, sharptoothened smirk, then she left the room and was just about to open the door when her son said:

"Mother, could you please leave the door closed... I'm afraid of the light!"

Poetry by Sabrina
Read 552 times
Written on 2006-11-07 at 09:06

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sabereh lotfian
mmmmm ,that was an amazing piece , those words are in front of my eyes i can feel & see your words :)

peace ,light & love


Malin Johansson
This is a cleaver poem!!! I enjoyed this one!!

Zoya Zaidi
Oops!!!!!!!! Macabre!!!!!!
Challenge accepted!

a fascinating encounter with the dark side! Most enjoyable reading, thanks

ps: challenge accepted!! :o)