I never write about horses and from where I am seated life is the beat of every nothing

then again

You wear an orange tree

that covers the body

Jack stares at sweet Jenny

I read necrologies under the black noise from a plane

where the Pope waves hornily at the painful life underneath

the skyes that leaves us alone

since we never grow wings

like the wind

on my face and knees

where a mosquitoes gigantic body covers jupiter

blinded by the gold in Jacks smile

as he removes his finger ; the one with the wedding band


imitations of immortality

the last deathblues of a silent heart

homeless in scriptured scars

of night

co-existing with breaths of day

counting fortyeight flakes of spit

in Jacks beard

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 728 times
Written on 2006-11-09 at 00:25

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English War Veteran aged 98
Whose this Jack Fella?!! Sounds like he's got some money if he has gold teeth.

But I bet his wheelchair has not got a dual powersupply with liquid cooling and multi level suspension like mine!!

I bet he dribbles into his own beard!

Nice write love - not sure about the size of the Mosquito's though! Scary!

Kathy Lockhart
I travel along riding my horse as the kaleidoscope turns and the music plays and a movie rolls across my mind leaving images like a past life dream. Oh daughters you have me in the grip of your pen again. Mother

This is beautiful :)

the images take the heart of the reader as i am sure you know well done rgds mike

Kathy Lockhart
I'll have what see is having. My live is way too boring. I love this dauthers. mother

My sweet Lourdes...

this is so bountiful in imagery ......just golden.

My sweet Lourdes...

this is so bountiful in imagery ......just golden.

Captivating! Just begs to be read again and again (which I will)


Wow. You can really write! Enjoyed this very much. You moved me right through the lines. A journey worth taking.