Inspired by the Ballad "Widow's Grove" by Tom Waits

The Girl at Widow's Grove

I met her where she sat
in a tree by Widow’s Grove
She had climbed into that tree
laughed at the sky high above

She was a lark, she was a flirt
She had been since her birth
And she was smiling down to me
where she sat in that apple-tree

"Who are you my lovely friend?"
she asked me and her lips
red as roses, lush as her hips

"I am just a wandering boy"
I said to the girl in the tree
"Out to sing you a song of joy"
And she laughed down to me

So I climbed up to her in that apple-tree
Found out that I loved her as much as could be
We made love high up there deep in the green
And I wondered wherever in my life she had been

I never saw her again after that day
Was called out to sea, was called away
My girl will be forever in my memory
a dream in my mind to the remains of my day

Sonnet by Charles F Kane
Read 568 times
Written on 2006-11-19 at 21:15

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