For Nicole

Your Beauty

Your Face
It's like a lullaby to the soul
Ever so soothing and all so beautiful
To match its perfection there is nothing out there
To your beauty and wonder nothing thus compares
Aesthetically beautiful
your face it just lights up the room
It's a rose so beautiful in the mists of it bloom
An unmatched picture of perfection
You are beauty in its every definition
Picture adequely elegant
your face it is sheer artistry
There is nothing out there more radiant nor heavenly
Angelically magnificent
your beauty it reigns supreme
You're like an angel from heaven a beauty that could have only been dreamed
Glowingly radiant
with beauty you just shine
I deem you a Goddess Your beauty's divine
Your Essence
like a light gentle summer's breeze
warm yet cool and so refreshing to me
Your Scent
so redolent with an intoxicating lure
Each and every breath of you leaves me wanting more
Your Smile
warm and radiant uplifting just by its sight
To be in the presence of its radiance a most charming delight
You, you are all so rapturous the thought of you alone sheer ecstasy
You, you enrapture all of us, your beauty is like a symphony
Every time I see you it seems, you sing to me..

Poetry by MASTER J
Read 415 times
Written on 2005-10-13 at 00:11

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it's so nice poem
deep feeling