I've written this one long time ago. . .But I was not sure if it's worth posting. But I will take the chance and post it anyway ;)I hope it speaks to you as well

Every night I close my eyes. . .



Every night I close my eyes. . .

And think. . .


I know who I am

but I still wonder


I know what I am able to do

but I still doubt myself


Everyday I challenge myself

Do I really know who I am?

Do I really know what I am able to do?


Freedom. . . a double edged sword

like justice. . .


And every night before I close

my eyes I wonder. . .


Can I justify my actions?

Can I freely say. . .

That I have observed life?

lived and learned to the fullest?


Am I satisfied with the choices

that I took today?

Are my actions justifiable?

and if the answers is yes. . .

Is everything a rational explanation

and justifiable resentment


and if not can I learn to forgive and forget. . .



Expectations. . . It's all about expectations and regrets. . .

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-22 at 12:45

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Karen Canning
you could have been reading my thoughts with this one
fav line of all

Freedom. . . a double edged sword

like justice. .

I so relate

karen xx

Phyllis J. Rhodes
"It is all about expectations and regrets"
a powerful statement to end a powerful work.
But leave some room for some satisfaction, some peace of mind. You have earned some. I know because of what I've read. You have justified yourself because of what you have given to others through your gift of writing. This is a wonderful piece that we all should take to our hearts and ask the same questions. I believe we each would find plenty of regrets, plenty of high expectations. And sadly in many cases not enough expectations of ourselves. But, we can also, I believe find some things that we did right. And these are the things to cling to for strength as we work through the regrets and underachievements.

Zoya Zaidi
Dear Carmen,
We all question ourselves,
At every point in life; at every bend:
Is this what I want of myself,
Is it right or just pretence?
Is this the right decision I took,
Or is just a way to justify myself?
Is the right turning that I have taken,
Or is the one I just left behind, right?
All these questions always haunt us
And in fact that is all right,
Because self-doubt is a healthy trait
It urges on to advance in life...

Lol! I got carried away!!!
But, I am sure you would understand?

(((Hugs for the inspiring write)))
Love, Zoya

regrets and fears; the gaunlet of self doubt; the maze of life; the labrynth and the maelsrtom they are all covered in this powerful text well done night soul woman it is well worth the posting

rgds Mike