I'm not deleting my site but i'm not posting things for a while. I may come back I dont know.

Leaving the bay

Iím sorry my friends but Iím going away
Iím now leaving the bay
I may come back I donít know
I guess I donít have the ďpoetry flowĒ
Iím now going to say good-bye
I tried as hard as I could try
My anger build up inside
Now Iím hurt and that I cannot hide
Iím quitting my dreams
Of being something famous as hard as it seems
It just took one comment
All this hard time spent
Everyone Iíve met has been great like a family
Please always remember me
Bye everyone and take care
Remember if you need me Iíll be there

Poetry by Ariel Bennett
Read 440 times
Written on 2006-11-29 at 05:16

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Trust me. Byron Shelley and Keats all had their critics. You cannot reach the top without taking a few knocks, and it should make you a stronger person on your way to getting there. Think about it , see you soon . Regards Steve

Ok Ariel, I respect your wishes, please come back soon.

~Aaron Rowe