The Sanity of Profanity

One can live a worldly life so hollow
Pointless being with no lines to follow
Or give it a try, to live in a lie
That your dewy eyes will swallow

Will I desecrate or prevaricate
If you keep me off the ground?
One is mad without a doubt
So don't you stare, don't make a sound

I've heard your if and only if
But go ahead, jump of a cliff
I've seen it all, you've seen it to
A higher level in which we grew

Poetry by TheLine
Read 764 times
Written on 2006-12-07 at 16:01

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tony legba
Now, I see it better.
I like the risks that you take with language. Rather like Humpty Dumpty in Alice through the Looking Glass, you make words mean what you want them to mean...see where meaning might go if its allowed.

tony legba
The profanity of sanity is often the surreal.
Sometimes, in this poem, I am not sure if I am reading the surreal or real grammatical errors.
"Dewey" could be clever--vision catalogued like a library system. Or it could be a mistake for "dewy". I want it to be a surreal pun, then I am puzzled by "pontless" and "made us grew", which seem nothing more that errors for "Pointless" and "grow". Is "the prevaricate" possible as definite article plus noun? Again, poetry invents language, but does this invention create new poetic meaning. I do not know what LINE to take.

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