Besed on a iewing of the last scene of a video, Fire and Ice

Chain Reaction 1

Thoughts blank
verse not there
you appear
blank verse

visions — you:
see me see one, two
doubled with you
face, cheeks, lips –
arms, breasts, hips –
legs – one, two
love center of you
sounds come
words go, – but
fall into cadence
soft, hard,
iambic rut
dancing stage
one step, slide, two step,
leap, step, leap, step, leap
into train in motion
locomotion –
chain reaction
in a dance of love with you.

Darkness, shadeless
voice emerges
from darkest nights
dancing knights and lassies
shadows still unseen
without the light
first dim as dawn
emerges from the deep
stars go to sleep
desperation to be seen
by lovers waking
from their dreams
each one embracing
face, cheeks, lips,
arms, breasts, hips –
legs: one, two –
love center of you
short step, long step
iambic rut
dancing stage
bright lights
iridescent, a gleam on you
in this fire-icy dream of you
one step, two
stop, go, stop, go
into train in motion
locomotion –
chain reaction
in a dance of love with you.

I watched transfixed
the endless stream
of arms, legs, bodies, feet
absorbed into the music’s beat –
iambic in its rhythmic flow –
you up and down
you come and go
with me
with you
into a private chamber
dance and music with my voice
euphorically we rejoice
exploding with atomic blast
the chain reaction
fused in this final dance of love
at last.

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 467 times
Written on 2006-12-10 at 17:58

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