The first poem I ever wrote to an inanimate space of time.
Why do the lovesick find it difficult to sleep?
Why canít I close my eyes and dream of the one I dreamt of last night?

Sleepless Night

Sleepless Night
Iím lovesick.
Sleepless Night
Drown me,
Take over my body
Consume me.

Sleepless Night
Iím lovesick
I donít want to
Think bout him.
But you donít give me
Much choice.

You ridicule
My human weakness.
Sleepless Night.
Donít make me an insomniac
I donít want
To need pills.

Iím drunk already
In his love
In his arms
In his heart
Let me dream
Let me dream of him

May I never awake
Out of his embrace
May we sway together
May the music never fade
May it always be pleasant.

Oh Sleepless Night
Forgive my vulnerability
Your evil twin, Slumber Deep
Has given me Hope, Joy,
Endless possibilities,
Like a door left open.

You keep me awake
And warn me of the dangers
On the Ďother sideí
And yet my curious weak heart
Needs to venture forth
Behind those doors.

Of the unknown
I am mysteriously intrigued.
So let me go
Let me go
Into the unreal world
Of passion and lust

Let me have what they have
Why deprive my weak heart
These simple joys?

You use a loud snore,
A noisy air plane,
A catchy tune,
A blinking screen,
An un-put-down-able book,
To keep me from my dreams.

You succeed.
I sit up
Holding up a white flag.
I watch the shadows
Behind the curtain
I ask myself

ĎAm I being ridiculous?
This canít be love
Can it?í

No Sleepless Night
You are just a result
Of an undigested dinner.

Nothing else
How can my weak heart
Have anything to do with you.

Slumber Deep
Iím not lovesick
Slumber Deep
Drown me
Take over my body
Consume me.

Poetry by Parnika
Read 720 times
Written on 2007-01-30 at 06:43

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Mark J. Wood
The advantage with not being asleep is that you don't have to wake up to reality. Very often, the morning sees the night's worries as insignificant; the pain-process works. Sometimes, a sleepless night makes you so exhausted that you have a lovely sleep during the day. Ramble over.