Written to my girlfriend, because honestly, since when does a boyfriend need a reason to love and appreciate his girl?

Have you ever...

Have you ever been with someone
And with them felt complete;
And when you are without them
Canít seem to find your feet?

Have you ever searched to find
Someone with which to ride,
Because you would do anything
To have them by your side?

Have you ever had a fire
Burning inside you,
But frustrated you cannot find
The words to show it through?

Have you ever been deep in love
As pure as it can be;
That turns your thoughts from I to us
From me and mine to we?

Many may not have felt these things
But Iíll tell you whatís true,
I know Iíve felt all of these things
And all because of you

Poetry by Michael G
Read 552 times
Written on 2007-02-04 at 02:37

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