A Kiss Of Death

A simple touch of your lips,
Close to mine,
That is all it takes

Like a poison,
Floating within my blood
Effects every single word,
every little touch
nd your sweet kisses on me from the inside
Slowly, painful, I wander towards an eternal darkness

A glimt of light,
That is all I need
To save me from the darkness
A light,
In the shape of love,
Which you never present me

You enticed me,
When you knew I was stuck,
Gave me a hope,
About a light,
Yet you let me, just for a moment
Feel it, so dear
But oh, how fast you took that away

Despair, fills my mind
Realize that this is just a simple play,
A play,
Too receive what it is you strive for
Pleasure is what you want.

You keep me as your prisoner,
In this net,
In this eternal darkness,
Which crawls closer and closer

The cold seeks its way towards me, closer and closer
I am almost done,
Lost from this world

You lean over,
So our lips can touch once again,
Merely, for one last, kiss of death

Poetry by Jasmine T. Turandar
Read 333 times
Written on 2007-02-09 at 01:04

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Such sinister charm . so forceful
Take care