The resurrection of the living dead (in the darkness of silence)



- It will never happen again, he weeps and his tears run over her blue lips. I promise it will never happen again, our love is my light in the darkness; I need you. . . Don't you understand? I didn't mean to do like that. . . Come back to me. . . He wails as he places her lifeless body on the altar. Everything is ready, candles incantations and a bottle of the sacred water. Damn you! I hate you! Why did you leave me? And he starts performing the sacred ceremony in order to bring her back to life.

Her body starts shaking . . . An explosion follows and a whirlwind of light spreads around nine concentric circles around the altar. Her soul comes out of her body in the shape of a blue etherical body and grabs him sucking him in the whirlwind of light.

- You were my life, you were my heart beat. . she whispers to him as she holds him tight so he will not fall into the abyss. I am the virgin soul, the one that you could never capture even when you tried to bring the complete darkness and took my life, killed my love for you. . .

 Now you suffer, dwell in the darkness of silence, allowing the echoes of the past to haunt you. . . Why my love why? I will take you to a place now; you don't have to do anything, just observe and understand. . .

- I am the only one left to suffer the darkness of the silence after you left me! It's your fault! Everything is your fault! He cries out

- You still haven't understood anything. . . Isn't it? That's why you are still in the darkness. . . Why don't you hear what silence has to tell you? Listen, learn, live. . . Why do you take your mind to moments of the past? Why do you live in the past? Each second of silence gives you the opportunity to become what you want, to leave your past behind you instead of becoming like those you hate, those who hurt your feelings. . .You are the victim and the victimizer. You are not ready to see what I want to show you but because you have performed the sacred ceremony

- You will come back to me? Did my ceremony resurrect your love for me? Are you mine again and only mine?

- No my friend. . . The ceremony you performed was for the living dead. . . Look whose body is on the altar. . .

- It's my body!!!he yells horrified!

- Yes. . . It's your body. . . Because if you ever want to be loved you have to find your soul, heal your wounds, listen to silence in the confinement of the darkness . . . and maybe then you will understand how you can find true love again. . . But stop walking around like a living dead, your body is an empty vessel without your soul, find the light in your darkness and then everything is going to be possible. . . I am free, she laughs as she dissapears in the mist.



Short story by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-13 at 00:17

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betsy Firefly
I hope you don't intend this piece for entertainment.

Phyllis J. Rhodes
A chilling tale that gets into the mind and heart of the reader. It calls out for more information. I want to know what happens next. There are poor souls here who are in great need of redemption but are struggling to understand that, and they hurt what they love, then lose their humanity. What is so frightening is, people walking around today are like that, seeking something to make them complete and searching in all the wrong places, finally loosing their souls.

Christian Lanciai The PoetBay support member heart!
Very suggestive and interesting. May I just suggest one alteration: Instead of *Why did you left me* I would say, *Why did you leave me*. Pardon the injunction.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
woooo and oooooo and aaaaaah! This is a chilling, mesmerizing, vivid, mysterious, captivating, inviting, exciting, eerie text which I enjoyed completely.

Dan Cederholm

Whole and whole another brick

in the wall , , , And we start to

remember what we where doing

and the time catch us . . .

Another brick in the walll . . .

And we where saying hey YOU

We where just two lkost souls

swiming in a fish ball . . .

And hey you . . .

I am coming back to life . . .

Hugs and all the bst, Dan