I 've been thinking again. . .  :p

In the mecca of ideas




The idea of the university of life

a mother and a father

that takes me gently in their care and help me grow

this is what gives me the opportunity to give birth to new ideas

The university of life

helps me find a structure in life

and dream of a better future,

create my own conceptions or preconceptions

about everything that exists or don't exist

I would like to stay there forever

But the idea of evolution told me

- The world is waiting for you


In this world everything is defined

more accurately predefined

from someone else.

And we live our lifes in the mecca of ideas

and live by someone elses ideas without questioning

the preconceived notions of someone else

that lived happily every after

or died a slow painful death

of it's soul


We should use our will, mind, heart and intuition

to predefine our conception of our world,our reality

Because truth is what you mind has accepted as true, real.

But according to whom?

For example the idea of a horse can make someone smile

or make someone feel horrified.

The idea of a human being has being predefined as

a woman or a man a preconception of someone elses ideas

that continues to split the society in two halves instead

of one an androgynous, a human being.


Let's say that the mecca of ideas exist in a mind

this mind is shattered, split in two, man and woman. . .

W H Y?

When will we learn, when will we graduate from the university of life?

- The world is waiting for you, said the idea of evolution. . .


And Echo says with a plaintive whisper I love you Narcissus. . . The nature is Echo and we Narcissus. . . I love you I love you I love you. . .  Can you hear her whisper?


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Written on 2007-02-14 at 22:21

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We adopt ideas as fast as we create them, it is the ones that just "adopt" and never think that we should be concerned about.

Rob Graber
Interesting ideas here!