Inspired by Sharp

Children of the dawn



Children of sorrow
Muses of life

Born to bring
another tomorrow

Children of sorrow
Builders of joy

Lean their head
to each others shoulder

While Aurora is stretching across the sky;
they know. . . The sun will be red

They know. . . Because
they are the children of sorrow

In a reckless world

they continue to build. . . 
castles in the sand

the winds are blowing
and bring memories

of a time that has
passed them by

and they remember. . .

who they were - children of sorrow
who they are - builders of joy

As they await for
a new To - day to come

 they smile and build
another castle in the sand

Because they know. . .
A new day is always coming

they will never mourn
another morning

Children of sorrow
Muses of life











Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-02-15 at 22:30

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Zoya Zaidi
The Children of sorrow already know,
They are a gift to this life,
The gift of pain, they are born to bear-
Is the hallmark of their lives...
This pain gives them the strength to bear,
Sensitises them to happiness and cheer,
They know what it means to over come,
They know the value of love and care...

(((Hugs dear Carmen)))

Admiring and sighing with pleasure... Your poetry has a sweet elegance that is so captivating and entrancing. I always feel happy and calm after reading it. It enhances my peace of mind to visit you!

Karen Canning
you are so unique yet your soul is visible through your depths, I applaud your poetry

karen xx
2007-02-25 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
i can never help feel a smile come on my face every time i'm done reading these types of writes of yours... they are so beautiful, like a melody from your heart... your inspirations are soothing... :) *hugs* xx

Dan Cederholm

WOW this is just wonderful . . .

I just love every line in this poem

you realy are a great writer . . .

so hold your head high . . .

Beacuse you write what we think

about and you do it so good


betsy Firefly
Interesting writing!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
a wonder to ponder
a muse to soothe
a phrase to amaze
this is very good!