Dream: The Solitude of Two


Why should I live in a dream

when I know how to make it real?


Why should I not follow my heart

when I know exactly what I feel?


Why should i stick to my fantasies

when I actually know how to live 'em?


Why should I not accept this gift,

the gift that you've already given?


I just need some time to wake up

that's all.


I just need some time to melt

To remember what I felt

to remember what I known

I just think I need some time on my own.

That's all.



Then my only lonelyness will be

the solitude of two

and just for some time

I will spend an eternity with you.




Poetry by TheLine
Read 721 times
Written on 2007-02-19 at 09:06

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F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
the solitude of two... makes me think of being with someone yet feeling all alone just the same... and with the questions at the beginning of the poem makes me think of a contemplating moment of being deep in thoughts... the fact the questions are whirling about makes me think that one wants and the other doesn't... i feel a sad mood to this... "and just for some time, I will spend an eternity with you" directs my thoughts to think that... 'just for some time' suggests a brief time, for me... maybe i'm way off in my interpretations, but i offer the thoughts that the words provoke in my mind.. :) really enjoyed the way you've written this... :) :f xx

Time is infinite The Line. Loved it, a couple of typos thought, loneliness was one!lol ironically enough for one morning!! Grinning at you Tai

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Format: 4
Overall: 4
Mood: 5