Too good to be true

I should have known
I should have cared
Perhaps, if I had,
My heart wpuld have been spared

But instead I am here
Caught in a web
A messed up child
Sat inside her own head

So what do I do now?
Where do I go?
Who to I turn to?
To whom can I show

The scars on my mind
In my skin
On my brain

Of the pain you caused when you left me

How you drove me insane

I couldnt believe how amazing you were

Yet I never realised

I would be envying her

No-one understands
The pain and the hurt
Yet I cannot breathe, cannot speak
Unless inside your shirt

So I ask you this
It was love, was it not?
For me, no other love mattered
But then my heart stopped

The flame went out
The fire starved
The spark turned to ash

And now

Food tastes like the ash

So like the fire I am starved

My fire has gone out

I'm desperate

I need my soul back

Can you forgive

Whatever I've done

That made you do this

Why am I writing
This message will never be read
By the person inside me
The one who made me feel dead

You dont know how I feel
The scars and the tears
You dont have a clue
So how can you fight off all my fears

And a message to her
The one you "love" now
Just as you "loved" me
But do I think shes a cow?

My answer is no
But all that I ask
Is she understands how lucking she is
And if aside you ever were to be cast

She would have to watch

The pain in your eyes

See the sparkle go out

And she would have to live with the fact
That she lost you
Because she couldn't understand
Just how utterly incredible you really are

I will always pick you up
Fight away your fears
Wipe away your tears

Promise me this

Be happy

Do everything you can to make yourself happy

Because you so deserve it

So please


Ignore my tears

Dont listen to my crys

And forget my scars

You are my number one

My life is not important compared to yours


Live your life

And I will live mine

I just wish you were a part of it

I will wish so hard
I will wish on every star
I will throw thousands into fountains
I will keep on going until I am fixed
But you are the one with the glue

Can you fix a broken girl

Can you mend a broken heart

Or would you laugh

At how stupid she is

How stupid that little kid is for getting in to deep

Stupid kid

Shes in way over her head

The idiot

I know I'd laugh at me

Would you?

This is my message
To explain all would take page after page after page
We belong together
Or were we just a stage

I have for you a gift
That I want you to take
The gift of the most powerful words in the world
I Love You, I say yet my heart again is at stake

Remember my last

The truth in the tears

The words

So powerful

So meaningful

But so true

I Love You So Much

Poetry by gemma
Read 606 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 22:09

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