Depression Or Self-Pity[Spining out-of-control on your Arse]

A wide chasm opening up suddenly beneath weary feet
Free-falling down a narrow, coal-coloured chute
Into a dark pit of shadowy black, soul-burning flame
Other's questioning sanity, Planting seeds of doubt, left feeling insane.

Filled with such a loathing that is self hate
So much anger, a knotty, black cloud of it tight in the chest
At this self-pity, at the world, at the weakness of tears
A knotty, black cloud tight in the chest
anger so much of it - why?
Why the self-hate, this self-destruction, these fears?

Sometimes getting angry at/with
the frustration of questioning of why
Can not be the person other people want, yet,
feeling like can't be the GREAT, UNIQUE, person born to be,
Chunks of ice flowing through veins where blood should flow
Why does a facade, a "fake face" have to be worn for others to see?

Is this an illness, Depression, or self-pity that is felt?
Who cares?
It doesn't matter when you're spining out-of-control on your arse.


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 819 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 06:47

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Blue River
I think the line 'who cares?' also really captures the essense of depression. A nice poem, and an important theme, too.

Kathy Lockhart
so true Liz. That last line closes this poem perfectly and summarizes it perfectly.