When you look in the mirror what do you see?

The image can be a pimple on your cheek, your pretty smile, or the image of God. The sky is the limit.


 I looked in the mirror at myself
And saw the face of love.
True love in the old  ways of God ,
In likeness and in kind.

In every home, and city town
Of countries, pictures formed.
In good and bad of dark and light
Life’s perfect image shined.

In every place in time and space
Illumination sang.
When I look at you and you at me,
The image reflected is we.

I took a walked along the river’s edge
To ponder what I’d seen.
 As  poet’s laboring  must do
My muse and I, amused.
I saw my image  reflected there,
In the water’s wavering line
 With a joy that bubbled up inside.
 I sang now you’re  a part of me.

Then the wind the rain and a storm blew in
So I stood in the sheltering woods.
And the wind the rain and the swaying trees
Sang we too are a part of thee.

As bit by the wet  dripped away,
Truth’s glowing rays shined through,
It lit my eyes, my thoughts, my mind.
The sun said, I am thee.

When the moon came in that starry night
As Goddess often does.
I lay beneath  her bejeweled sky
To see what I must see.
I wondered, did she know my voice.
And could she hear my sound
My soul, my thoughts, my sun, my moon
Beyond my physical form?
Then I reflected on my thoughts of you .
Your thoughts, your heart, your soul,
Your mind, your universal truth
The things I think of you.

Do you know I’m part of thee
And the universe at large
Do you love the things you see in me?
 Come closer, for what you feel?
The mirror image in your thoughts
The things you think I am.
When you look into my eyes my love.
All you’ll see and feel is YOU.

Poetry by Kulanga
Read 519 times
Written on 2007-03-24 at 20:31

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betsy Firefly
A Beautiful, honest write! What a lovely name you have!

Dan Cederholm

Welcome to poetbay Kulanga . . .

What a wonderful poem you have

write here . . . Mirroring wonderful

pictures and make the day a little

bit warmer . . .

All the best, Dan