if it moves , can it be healed ?

a play interrupted
(by your stare)

the orchard

Kitchen :

when the four icecubes inside his mouth

turns to water

she pulls away

Her :
there is no landscape

Him :
yes , there is . It is not well described yet

Her :
the silence makes me bleed

Him :
let the hidden speak


Orchard :

Daughter :
there are still oranges growing here !

Son :
they might be bitter
taste one

Daughter :
yes , why shouldn't I

the Mother ( calling ) :
Come see the house children !

Daughter :

Son :
count to five

Daughter and Son :
( counting )

the Mother (shouting) :
are you coming ?

Son :

Daughter :

Son :
there is no house

Daughter :
yes there is , come now before she calls again

Son :
there is no house and the orchard keeps growing
there is a crash
loud sound heard
a kind of music
a pressure against the ear


(Her :
did you hear that ?)

(Him :

(Her :
it is breathing again)

(Him :
the orchard)

(Her :
the house)

a dog is barking faintly

Poetry by Lourdes
Read 846 times
Written on 2007-04-03 at 12:41

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English War Veteran aged 98
But what happened to the fluffy white elephant?

Oh well, - we got our sailors back - thats all that matters !!

Zoya Zaidi
You know it reminds me of absurd drama!
You are always so talented and full of new ideas, you amaze me! I still remember that poetic play you wrote in Hindi!
Love, Zoya

Thomas Selnes
Eerie, m'lady. Sent shivers running wild down my spine. There is something about orchards...

yeah .. dots .. never cared for them anyway .. erase

an interesting piece, could be looked at many ways with this snippet, a meteor hitting was what i thought of with the crash and the children see nothing as they are surrounded by the oranges. a good piece.

just one point i noticed with this line:

one , two , three , four .. - ellipses, three dots to show a continuation of thought.