Spellings and names and terms as they are penned are intentional.

Ananus and the Trojan Whore

As the Prints Ananus
arrived upon the shore,
his welcomed city of Cartilage,
in Northern Africa,
he left intact his loving one,
his Troy, and oh, some more.

This Prints adopted Cartilage
the land of Phony sins
where wrongs are excus ive rites
and rights are always wrong.

And Ananus went to the Queen
once named Queen Elissar
to seek refuge he could not get
though sought he long and far.

Alas, dear Prints Ananus,
long lost from whores of Troy
I am the Queen of Cartilage,
by Dildo I am called.
My hubby was too ghastly killed
by some Pig, Maleon,
and lonesome I have been instead;
I need Ananus in my bed.

Ananus answered, rapid, fast:
Ill do for man and god
who gave me length and time to last
with this my golden rod.
But know you ,Queen, Im not your toy
to play with at your will.
I have my faithful bitch in Troy
who waits . . . is waiting still,
for as I left her burning walls
crumbled to the ground
she knows though used my prick and balls
are still for her around.

To which Queen Dildo answered, sweet,
Truly, you are Ananus, dear,
and well endowed with meat,
worn down, eroded, lo, I fear,
too long unused, to short to beat.

Ananus answered with more lies
The problems lie in Troy.
For there my dear beloved one cries
because she lost a darling boy.
So, oft I leave to practice sex
all in the name of love for HER!
And Dildo said, I know that wrecks
her boat, not yours or mine, dear Sir.

Thus, Dildo gave herself complete
to lie with him, Ananus, deep
where probed he with his golden rod
until both fell asleep.

When Dildo worn, and wet, awoke,
she found Ananus gone
all promises, the lies he spoke,
naught to rely upon.

Hence, Dildo, broke, and deeply sad
because the Trojan that she had
so often good, too often bad,
no more a Prints, was just a cad.

She rose upon the funeral pyre
where once her Sickyus burned
and took Sweet Dildo on the fire
a sword for Ananus yearned.

as she had loved with her hole heart
he left her any way
not caring that it tore apart
who loved him every day.

Now, new horizons lie for both
he gone and unfulfilled
and she, poor Dildo, melted ash
stuck through the heart and burned,
the Prints asea, or other land
where someone else might be
looking for Ananus, Prints,
to take some widowed queen
before Ananus might return
to where he should have been.

Poetry by NotaDeadPoet
Read 507 times
Written on 2007-04-08 at 18:14

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Rob Graber
Very entertaining! Was myth e'er loftier than this? ;-,?