scenes of winter lament , written

 for someone who left the womb too soon

Calling All Angels



Calling all angels

As this sunday  transparently shatters 

Low birth weight  but so perfectly shaped

Last kiss kissed frozen in a thousand mirrorlakes

Inside her a fire burns your heart into ashy little flakes

Gone between darkness and wonder


All angels 

Leaving the unknown dawn

Leaving the lonesome scenes of winters last storm


All angels calling

No footprint as she leaves      

Gone with her is the palecoated thief

Ethereal  was her fragile and unearthly being

Lord may you one day give her back to me

Someday please lord        give her back to me



Poetry by Lourdes
Read 914 times
Written on 2007-04-20 at 17:10

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wow...i've got chills all over me...and tears in my eyes...and i simply cannot comment this in words...
Lilly xxx

To all of you beautiful friends of mine who got so worried after reading this ; I am fine and so is my unborn . This was written for a different unborn .
I know sometimes I move uncomfortably close to my own reality , therefor I have an ambivalent relationship to so many of my own writings .
Thank you for your concern .

Zoya Zaidi
This just rents my heart so deeply...
The grief is unparralled
The sense of loss great...

I hope this is not a recent one?
And certainly do hope, not the cause of your recent absence!

My heart is still heavy with gloom!

(((Big fond hugs)))
Love, Zoya

wow lourdes this is a very sad text for me and i hope not a harbinger

please say not the poem is so strong that i wonder why
hugs for you Mike x

The pain remains of course, but I think the angels have already come. How could they not.

"".............Someday please lord give her back to me". He will.

thank you for the wonderful read,, you are a star,,,Eddy

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
They are angels - I see my little girl as an angel, nothing prepares you, just the weight of only having known her for such a short time - your right, it is a lament, straight from the heart - beautiful words - I do believe one day we will be reunited

Elle x