acrostic ghostsongs for a bruised Jedi

\\ Emelén and Lourdes // _ only banjos please

Wounded Mammoth Walking



And I remember I was there when you lost your crown

Mornings spent watching you mend your railroadwings

Over and over and over again you tried to fly

Nothing could ever shine as you once did

Girls in your arms   stars for a day in your paper sky


The spell was broken the moment you fell

Headlights caught you running across your fortune

Exhaling blue bruised and too sore to tell


Did I ever truly see your last face

Even if I let you leave me here

Arranged into silent but deformed sleepingformations

Dusting off the mirror of our endless numbered days 



Poetry by Lourdes
Read 561 times
Written on 2007-04-26 at 01:03

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Can not but love your words
so many u share, so much
I think I shall treasure you

I feel I can relate completely to this text, although in an obscure and cloudy way...
Great job, ladies!

A lovely flow Lourdes you are out of the darkness and into the light this is such a flowing poem and one i love so much that i sincerely believe this is your best poem and i book mark it for that reason rgds mike

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
i am caught up by the movement of this poetry and the emotions.
walk on mammoth leave you print on the world.

love you daughters

Rob Graber
"Nothing could ever shine as you once did": great line in a fun write!

This closely personal evaluation in poetic form, has a glorious flow to it Lourdes, I adore the title and I only too well can relate to the speakers experience. We always think we know someone but we never do, not completely. A pleasure to read. Smiling at you, Tai