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The Great Big Truth

The great big truth it never intrudes
Gives no lessons
Leaves no rules
Inside of this
Stays the same
Complex tunes
Or tunes simply plain
The great big truth it never improves
There's a future and a past filled with prints and stains
Something must surely die for to be born again

The great big truth is your only action
The will you drive and what you make happen
The great big truth it always involves
What it triggers
What it resolves
The big wide sea's weaving waves so free
Something new is always playing in that old melody
A beat will be laid
A rythm will stay
As the angles in these mirrors holds and change

Your great big mind
It can be trapped
It can be trying

There is no punishment and there are no saveyers
to take care of any cruel or any good behaviors
There's no rules to obey when you cast the lies away
There's no lock there's no key for to open and see what
The wisdom of you simply needs to be
The strongest connection in any direction
The truth will for you always be an obsession
The great big truth Is here to stay
No wind in the world can blow it away
Creates and builds with mysterious tools
On these long open shores we hear what pounds hear what roars

Your own shore
Your longing for more
Why not just
open the door

Winds of old the winds of new
Blowin' through me blowin' through you
If you think you're stranded
You just haven't landed
By this wide open sky where these clouds roll on by
On these great long shores is what you long for

The great big truth will not take or betray
Wont close any deals that has been laid
Winds of old
Winds of new
Blows through me
Blows through you

The great big truth has nothing to solve
It can start or quit once and for all
There's a place we know
There's a place we've been
Now we rip of this skin and see what's within
This surface is covered by seeds of man
It's always new that same old me
Along the long open shore all the limits are reached
Nothing disappeared by the intensity that ceased
The great big truth will walk in your shoes
You can march on hard
You can simply let loose
In most of all and most of the time
You can be stayin' right here as man

Poetry by MeisI
Read 509 times
Written on 2007-04-27 at 20:42

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