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Desert of illusion

In desert illusions
I've drawn my conclusions
They're now backwardly intruding again
In the eye of the corner
You are
In a warning
Cold shiver from past times
of endless and infinitely grind
Telling each second
to be where your set and
receive and create like a thief

I thought I heard you say this is relief
I keep on dreaming and continue to breath
as I remember now what I had to leave

Tears on dry pastures
An awareness will clear away something that is old
As an echo from the future
something shines so illusive
as everything must come from us all
So sudden, so direct
Not leaning to what you 'pect
Not hiding away from the eye

You say stealing like this is relief
You say dreaming like this makes us breath
When that is said
I say that isn't sweet

In a bed close to your skin
lays a dream in where I've been
projecting a different disguise
We've been pullin' the curtains
near something so certain as these
concretely placed lines
In a future's green forest
you see what the score is
It can sneak up from behind for again
to say that each second's just's you 'pect
and each trigger is tuned and fine adjust
to be tellin' each second
that everything is now and
that this is a gift that you hand from yourself

Abandoned is what I know feel
But from what or who will not reveal
Something left me was there something to steal

Drops of lenses
sees through your senses as
matter of dust and dirt and salt
And fumes like from roses
opens and closes
This could be a disguise that is gone
after the winter's been melt'n
There's a summer you'll be placed in
Like there's a dryness to heat and to
what's extremely cold

You say stealing like this is relief
You say dreaming like this makes us breath
When that's said
I say that isn't sweet

In dessert illusions
I swear I am conscious 'bout a directions
in a compass that cannot be used
You say how will all this end up
Has anyone had enough
If something brakes then something
sure must reveal
guess this was good or will be good again
and that there's directions to sum in this old strain
Life's always been direct and plain

Is there stealing inside of relief
Is something closing in you while you now breath
Is this illusion your own masterpiece

Rivers will run by
dry pastures and hot sun
It's all endlessly turning again
This wheel is spinning
from end 'll beginning
We feel what we don't understand
There is something never ending
in a continual pending of
forces we dare not to trust
Ahead of us moving
Nothing needs to be proven
We know what we know
That is all that we must

Poetry by MeisI
Read 463 times
Written on 2007-04-27 at 21:42

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