travis lee

where did you go?
where is the pain?
where is the love?
and where is the confussion?

you thought you had me
but really you didnt
you had her the whole time
but i had him the whole time

you were just an ass
and you are a crack head
fucked around on me
but really you didnt matter to me

i should of been careful
you are just a drugie
im happy with out you
and you are miserable with out me

i protected you from the world
and you just didnt care
your daughter looks up to you
but once again you still dont care!

your life is going down the drain
and when no one is there for you
think again i am here for you
i do care even though you dont!

Poetry by lynn
Read 456 times
Written on 2007-05-14 at 19:42

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Gosh Lynn, if this guy really is a druggie, please keep away. Very strong feelings outpoured deserve someone as good as yourself.