It is my favourite story. i dont know the name of writer who wrote this amazing story. i just want to share this poem with you. i just want to read the comments on this story.

THE BLANKET (My Fav. Short Story)

Petey was a boy of eleven. His mother had died. He lived with his dad and Granddad. His dad was getting married again. A new girl was coming into the house. So Granddad was being sent away to live in the Government Charity Home. Petey never believed it would happen. But one day a double blanket was brought for Granddad. He was to take it with him for the winter. Now Petey knew for certain that his Granddad would be going away.

Petey was very sad. He wanted to cry. But he was too late to do this. His father had gone to meet the girl he was going to marry. It was night. The moon was shining in the sky. It was the last night that Petey was to spend with his Granddad. The two sat together in the porch.

Granddad first praised the double blanket. He also praised the wool and the quality of the blanket. He then played different tunes of fiddle. He pretended that he was happy to leave the house. He said that there would be new life for his son. But he said that there would be babies in the house. And he would not like to hear their cries all the time. Granddad tried to show that he was not at all angry with his son. But Petey was understood everything.

While Granddad showed her the costly double blanket that Petey’s dad and girl came in. the girl told Granddad that she would not be able to see him leave in the morning. So she had come at that late hour to say goodbye.

Granddad showed her the costly double blanket that Petey’s father had brought for him. The girl did not like it. She took Petey’s father aside. She rebuked him for giving such a costly blanket to the old man. At this Petey’s father got angry with girl. But they talked in low tone. However, Petey heard all that the girl had said. He was very sad but he did not say anything.

The girl went away in angry mood. Now Petey did a wonderful thing. He brought out a pair of scissors. He gave these to his father. “Father”, he said, “cut the blanket in two.” The Granddad, too, said that he did not need a so big blanket. Petey said harshly. “A single blanket is enough for an old man.” On hearing this, Petey’s father was very angry. He said, “What do you mean by all this?” At this Petey replied, “Dad, I shall give you the other half when you are old and I am sending you away.”

There was silence. Everybody understood the meaning. Petey’s dad went close to his father. Granddad put his hand on his son’s shoulder. He said, “It’s all right, son, - I know you did not mean it.” And then Petey began to cry. Soon the three of them were crying. In fact, all the three loved each other very dearly.

Short story by amandeep
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Written on 2007-05-16 at 17:18

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whenever i read this story ...i like it so much that i read it again and again ...fantastic one ... :)

Wish u all the best ..
keep sharing..
keep writing ..

The breath of the wind on your face
is the breath of the wind on my face.

We all are brothers and sisters.

Good luck, my friend.

Wonderful write. I really liked the story. Of course the ending is GREAT!
Keep it up

The story is written very well, but I'm not sure I get it.
I auctally don't understand the whole Blanket-thing.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
aman, thank you sharing this beautiful story. This wise child saw more than most. His heart is full of compassion. I love the moral of this story Aman. It teaches a good lesson. : )