The Fray

A letter reached me today,
it said: ďHi! How are you? Iím okay.Ē
It was good to hear from you, but pray:
what exactly do you want me to say?
That I am oh so fine this May?
I participated in this survey?
And hey! the other day I had a cafť au lait?
Because you know thatís only the truth half-way.
By God, I am not okay!
Since we saw each other that midday
Iíve been to Avignon and Marseilles,
I visited a friend in Santa Fť,
Iíve seen Beijing and Taipei
as well as Delhi and Mandalay.
Iíve had dinner with Josť
and spent an entire night with Ray.
But my oh my, it was all so grey!
without you by my side everyday.
Do you remember how I begged you to stay?
But you had long finished with play
and you just wanted to get away.
Oh I remember: I was all in array Ė
and I think I threw something at you; was it a tray?
In those first months I just wanted you to pay
for I felt that what you did was to betray
the love weíd shared in Quai díOrsay.
But our relationship had long been astray
and such a decay is two-way;
I know that today.
So no, I am not as gay
as I was those nights we had in Tournai
as I hope itíll inform you, this essay.
But nevertheless Iím here at a bay
and happy to bid you from faraway
a solemn goodbye and farewell to this fray.

Poetry by Lea Foverskov
Read 594 times
Written on 2007-06-16 at 12:51

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strange blending of rhytm and thought.

excellent piece!

Colin Skilton
Extremely clever way of using rhyme my friend and nice to see that you are afraid to do so when rhyme for some is out of step, what do they know!
Break ups are never easy but the first step is always the hardest, after that they get easier eventually.
Colin :)

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Format: 5
Overall: 5
Mood: 4

Saying goodbye to this fray is what you are doing and I can see that you are finally free of its grip on your life. Loved this poem. : )

~Aaron Rowe

A most enjoyable poem and cleverly written.

a very heart felt textand so soft in the obvious endearment well done young lady rgds Michael

Rob Graber
A totally delightful text--a triumph!