This is actually my english assignment. I got an A+ (40/40) so I hope you all like it :p

Sitting Duck

Me and George! Aw we are a fun loving pair. Our favourite hangout is the waterhole. I might as well introduce myself. I go by the name of Fred. I enjoy my greens or what Drake (my father) calls rabbit food. Now George is a funny one. He is the fastest swimmer but on land he is a bit awkward. You would think he is flying when he appears to skim across the water. Anyway, this is the story of the scariest day of my life…

George and I were messing around in the waterhole. We have races, George won almost every time. He was on 50 pieces of weed and I was on 3. We had a scoring system. We would race around the pond and the first to finish was awarded one piece of weed. The first one to reach 100 weed would be shouted lunch. So as we were racing we heard this sound. Crunch, crunch, crunch. A path of grass was moving and bending. It sounded like it was a boot stepping down on the grass. We took flight! We went so fast that we were in the woods within seconds. We waited. It started to get dark, the crickets started chirping. An owl hooted overhead and the silence of night was pressing in on me and George. As the sun was just setting behind the tree line we came out of hiding.
“Phew! I hope that never happens again,” said George.
“Ok, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at the waterhole?” I asked
“Yep ok. I reckon I can get to eighty pieces of weed by the end of tomorrow,” Said George with a smile. Then we started walking towards the path through the woods.
“See ya tomorrow!” cried George as he waddled down the lane to his place. I waved back at him and kept walking.
It was about nine o’clock at night when it all started. There was a patter of feet on the ground and a panting sound. I walked outside and George is pelting up the road to my place
“RUN!!!!! IT’S A MONSTER!” screamed George at the top of his lungs. He kept running straight past me and into the bushes. I chased after him wanting to know what this monster was and I also didn’t want George to get hurt.
“OI wait up George!” I yelled after him as I raced into the bushes right behind him. When he finally stopped and ducked into a thicket of thorns, thistles and prickly things I followed him in. He hissed at me.
“George! It’s me…What’s wrong?” I asked still a bit cautious of what he would do next.
“Quick! Get in. I don’t want it to find us,” There was an edge of panic to his voice. I stepped inside.
“What’s wrong?!”
“It’s…a monster,” whispered George almost inaudibly. I opened my mouth to ask what he meant by that but there was a noise approaching the thicket. I sat down and listened in fear. There was a light pattering of four padded feet upon the dry dirt of the forest. There was a jingling of metal bouncing around, attached to something. The noises got closer and closer until I could hear a snuffling noise. Whatever this monster that George was screaming his head off about was just outside our thicket of bushes. It had picked up our scent and was hunting us down. I could hear George panting from fear. I felt like saying something to comfort him but out of my fear I kept my mouth shut. The monster rustled at the thicket shaking it and making sharp thorns fall onto myself and George. I heard George take in a sharp breath as a very sharp thistle fell onto his leg and cut it…There was a pawing at the ground and then the monster left.
We waited in the dark, in silence, in fear, in loneliness. We were alone and no one was around to help us. The darkness became an eerie grey and the silence become almost unbearable as what I call “The Hum of Silence” started. George was shaking very badly and was bleeding profusely from his wound. It looked as if we were going to be spending the night in a thicket of thorns and thistles.
As I was dropping off to sleep I heard something that I wished I did not. The padding of the four padded feet on the dry dirt of the forest floor was back. The metal jingling, the snuffling and rustling of the bushes. George woke with a start and whimpered a bit. I heard a heavier footfall coming towards us. If the monster was alone beforehand it obviously wasn’t alone now. Its companion sounded bigger, heavier, stronger and scarier. A wolf howled and was joined by its pack creating the song of the wolf call. A sharp whistle pierced the air and the rustling stopped and went away. It went silent, quiet, and still. I was getting sick of waiting now. If this monster was harmful it would have killed us already. It knew where we were. I got up to leave and was taking my first step out of the safety of the thicket when I heard a loud noise. The noise of the monster. I dashed back inside the thicket but it was too late. The monster knew where we were, it has seen, smelt and heard me and now it was after me. I grabbed George’s hand to make him get up and follow but he wouldn’t move. A snarl came and a yelping then the monster ripped apart the thicket and I saw why George was so scared!
The monster had large, slimy, yellow, pointy teeth. It’s nose was black, large and wet. As it drew nearer I saw its big, brown eyes that had almost no white at all. There was a slash down its nose from a thorn. It bared it’s sharp teeth and a rumbling started in the back of it’s throat. A clicking echoed off in the background then a metal on metal sliding sound followed by another click, then two clicks in quick succession. I heard a shuffling, George’s whimpering and the snarling of the beast then a barely audible click and a loud BANG! The bark of the tree the sheltered the thicket exploded into thousands of pieces, Bark flew everywhere, into eyes, noses and cuts. I grabbed Georges arm and threw him over my shoulders into a fireman hold. I ran! I ran like I had never ran before. Another two clicks followed by another loud echoing bang! The fern beside me was torn apart and blown across my field of vision. I stumbled but I didn’t fall. The monsters hadn’t moved towards us but I didn’t trust them so I kept on running. George was getting delirious, the cut must be bad and infected. It was crusting with a greenish ooze. The sound of hollow metal hitting the ground came to my ears next. Then a click, metal sliding down a tube, another click, then two clicks in rapid succession. BANG! and the dirt at my feet flew all around me creating a mini dust storm. I was still running then I heard a clear, sharp, piercing whistle that howled through the night air. The metal jingling of the four legged monster started again, it’s pace was quicker though. Patter, patter, patter, jangle, jangle, jangle was the sound of the monster. It’s pace quickened again and it was in a run and panting. Huff, huff, huff. I could smell its putrid breath. The smell of rotted flesh and blood in the beast’s breath. I turned the corner and ran down the dark track of the woods. Trees raced past my face and branches whipped through the air catching me on the face, cutting, bruising and smacking. I was halfway down the alley of twisted trees when the bushes up the other end of the trail flew into a swirling dust cloud as the monster tore down the path. I knew it was going to catch us eventually. I kept running then I tripped over a small gnarled lumpy root that lay across the path. I smacked my head upon the ground that was packed hard and fell unconscious…

Luckily for me the fall only rendered me knocked out for several seconds. I was back on my feet and stumbling as fast as I could. I wasn’t running very fast. My feet kept getting tangled. I tripped again and George fell off my shoulders and collapsed on the ground in front of my head. Only his feet were in my vision. A puddle of water had formed on the ground around his fallen body from the unseen and unnoticed rain. The rain pattered on the big, green leaves of a nearby plant the spray of the droplets ending their short lives was hitting me on the face. The jangling of the monster was getting louder now, louder and slower. The pattering of it’s four padded feet was slowing, slowing and it stoped with a thud, thud of it’s two front paws stopping next to my head. The putrid smell of rotting flesh, skin, blood and bone radiated from it’s mouth. The smell was overpowering. Almost strong enough for me to get up and start running again. The next noise almost did. The heavier thud, thud, thud of leather covered feet cam slowly after the monster. The jingle of metal keys sounded.
“Good boy,” said the second bigger monster. “Let’s see what we have ourselves here,” I prepared myself for a stabbing or mauling or goring but nothing happened. When I un scrunched my eyes enough too see what was going on I saw the monster full on. Two deep blue – green eyes, a nose, and a mouth full of big shiny white teeth that could easily tear me to shreds.
“Let me go, please!” I begged with the monster. It seemed to understand and it smiled at me
“Oh, would ya look at that boy? Its quaking at me,” said the beast and the first monster with the awful breath came over.
“Pity the other one is dead,” The monster smile turned to a frown as he said that and he looked over at George. I looked at George myself and I realised the same thing. He lay there in a pool of reddish water. His beak was closed and his rich yellow feathers were all tattered and broken, some places had even gone bald from loss of the feather during the flight. George the duck was dead and I was about to follow him. The monster stood up saying
“Come on boy. Grab the dead one and leave the live one. He’ll be OK,” and he turned and left. The monster picked George up in his jaws and followed what appeared to be his master. I never saw them again and they never returned…

Word Count: 1,857

Short story by Steven Flood
Read 491 times
Written on 2005-11-27 at 02:53

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