had to re-publish this as poetbays layout-ghost got playful and tricky with me and refused to put the acrostics right , placing huge spaces in between , making it unreadable . Annoying as hell .. so here goes a second try !

Greedy Red Toads

a Lourdes and Emelén co-write ;

an acrostic bedtimestory for our birth mother and father .




When summer took Wyoming

Heating up the wire fencing

Iris adorned imported olives in her two o´clock martini

She almost didn´t notice , but she made a wish then

He , on the other hand , felt the icebreeze dividing the air

Exit lines had never been one of his flairs

So he backed away from her      out the door







Anytime after that the call would come in

Remembering the exact time of events is impossible

Even when she tried puzzling the day together years after







Blankets , the cheap fleece kind bought at Wal-Mart

Rolled around his broken features , keeping them together

Unfortunate U-turn was what they had called it

Talking to her in unnaturally softened voices

As to not awake the beast

Leashed deep inside the dark pits of her stare







And then she ran

Not turning , expecting to feel hands clamping her mouth

Dodging the Wyoming wind she had taken for granted







Until that day she´d had a childish faith in pie charts

Now she no longer believed in invented logic

Forever after was in direct opposition to here and now

One single wish had rearranged her universe

Rage had been a greedy red toad

Growing in her throat until she choked

It leaped out before she could take it back

Vigilant but unaware of the sudden change in temperature

Iris crushed an icecube between her teeth

Numbing the sound of his car engine and her own heart


Giving single beats announcing the alteration of






                                          here and forever more




Poetry by Lourdes
Read 695 times
Written on 2007-07-10 at 20:34

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Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
This is stunning and numbing poetry delivered from the heart through the soul and formed in words of pure crystal dropping across the page. Brilliant and defiant.

Jason Monroe
Outstanding write from you two! Pain is all too present it seems, but we can't live without it! Although the "temperature" of the work is warm, I felt chills from the minute I began reading it.

Wonderful work!

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
Lourdes and Emelen my daughters this is an outstanding poetry that left me amazed at your talents. Your pain has not destroyed you but given you strength and wisdom to create art! well done dear ones.
This is in my favs.

A magnificent text, of the kind that sends shooting pains of ice up my teeth and brain... Yeah, it is a toad, and the toad is red.

Zoya Zaidi
dear Laurdes, you can weite about anything, anytime , anywhere and it will always be GOOD! Nay, very Good!
I just love you both!
Love, Zoya

Elle The PoetBay support member heart!
You are both such talented writers - this takes my breath away

Elle x