Aaron set a challenge - this is meant as a comment on that (not criticism or anything!), something that struck me as funny by the way he worded it. (I'm quiet sure he did it on purpose though.)

"Which way is your street?" -A comment on Aaron's challenge-

Which way is your street?
asked admirable Aaron.
I wonder if he had stopped to complete
that thought that started out so neat.

Because the way he said it can be understood
in so many ways that in all likelihood
he had not properly stopped to consider
that I rightly may say: “Aaron, you bewilder!”

Of course, let us state the obvious,
although this seems so tedious;
“Which way is your street?”
refers to its position in concrete.

Now that we are over with that
and have concluded our geography hereat,
we may proceed to the other creed.
(I with you plead: continue to read!)

As “way” refers to another aspect
that at first struck me fairly exact –
as way could mean the way of life
the way we all choose and face to strife.

And so I leave you to it my friend,
to attempt to upend this weekend
as I on you do depend
to fairly, squarely comprehend.

Poetry by Lea Foverskov
Read 471 times
Written on 2007-07-23 at 01:28

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Rob Graber
With its clever rhymes, this is a pleasure to read!

Well this is interesting because the actual title was just a segway into my challenge. You took it upon yourself to actually dissect the title and write on that which wasn't the challenge BUT this was very enjoying to read. I love it because it felt like you were talking to me. Wow this is bookmarked because you took my challenge in a totally different direction. ; )

~Aaron Rowe