i'm rather upset.

on religious bigots and on god, a rant

so, i typed my fury into the last rant, but it overflooded and i decided to write another. today in church at st. paul's (i don't go there, nor do i reccomend church to all those who don't think for themselves anyway) a quadriplegic man spoke about his experience, his faith, his accident, his life story basically.

he was quite inspiring for most people, he got a standing ovation in the second service (i went to all three to sing for the show i'm in at school, which was a waste of time i should have been sleeping). all i could think to myself was, holy fuck, he still thinks god is going to heal him or save him somehow. he said the opposite, but i was in the front row every time he spoke and i could tell he still wanted to walk, he still believed with his entire core being... god was using him to tell others about his love, his great and magnificent fucking love. where is it damnit?

this paralyzed man was paralyzed as a fifteen-year-old boy who had so much life to live that he now is unable to, his older brother died when he was a young child and his father who was his caretaker after the accident died a bitter seven years after his son's accident. who's going to get this man out of the bed to get dressed, to go eat or use the restroom? fuck god, he may be inspiring to these christians who see he hasn't offed himself yet even though his life sucks, but to me, although as much determination he has to get through a lifelong challenge is amazing, but where is this god? where is he? nothing is going well for this man at all.

then, the pastor who had to get his two cents in after this man's, albeit inspiring, message decided to talk about some things before reading the prayer requests he had, one of which was that an apache church had burnt down (a church that st. paul's has mission teams go to) and he goes to blame the medicine man (who, if you don't know is a leader in those towns not just socially, but spiritually and pharmaceutically) in a passing joke the first service and in the second makes up a story that was complete bullshit about the medicine man obviously being in charge of the arson because he told the town that white men lied and that the church and the chrisitan god had evil spirits... that is bigoted. that is the extremely compatible equivalent to ku klux klan aggressive racism to this horrible bigoted lie because of a cultural difference. and only in america can he say that because the medicine man is different than him and believes differently, but only in america can a pastor tell that to his listeners, his church... fuck, that pisses me off.

does no one else see what's happening here? here in church, in school, in this country, in our own minds... cultural differences create hatred, overcome logic. issues erupt, war in iraq ensues and patriotism is still alive... in a yankee in king arthur's court by mark twain, the protagonist says something about how if the government is wrongfully hurting its people, it is treason to not go against the government. but don't you see it's not just our people anymore that matter, it's everyone? and no one is doing anything about it, because of god, because of bigots that feed lies, because of dumbass presidents...

Poetry by Zachary P. B.
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Written on 2007-07-30 at 21:00

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brainwashing corporation... scary I think.

Great rant! Faith is all, I guess, but the world and its religion is truly fucked up.