Have you ever woken up in motel-rooms after dozing off ,  feeling different and somewhat  unrested ? A tiny acrostic murderballad , written for sticky trumpets , after waking up from such a sleep. Lourdes and Emelén .

Love is so much more she sang


This is the chosen place

He said             tapdancing her heart

Ending  the world  

After the performance he may

Leave without

The scenery

And the noise that follow silent

Roses dying forgivingly


Petals falling from yesterdays season

Are bound to coat the hunter

Parading off the wall in a flowershaped suit

Erupting is  the heart of someone now

Resting inside a stained motelroom

Decrypting the last sound

Occurring in replays behind closed dreams of strangers

Leaving a bleeding rainbow

Lost between the soundtracks in your head



Poetry by Lourdes
Read 566 times
Written on 2007-08-09 at 19:46

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Forgivingly is, simply, roses' way of dying, I guess...
You write as stunningly as ever