Trysting with a lover when all seems to protest

Thunder, Crash, Tryst

The air is cold, the sky is dark
Somewhere, Nyx is crying
And here we are together lying

His lightning slashes out
Zeus is angry tonight
But we could care less, right?

Lying here beside you
What more could I want?
Your hand on my stomach
Your face in my neck
You nuzzle me here
You hold me there

As the night crashes
With its almighty groan
I let out feelings of my own

Pleading aloud you wouldnít stop
I twist, I moan, I scream
Praying out loud this was no dream

You leaned over so carefully I protest
Then your lips over mine stop the pleading
Inside I think you know Iím dying

I canít stand it anymore, this burning
I pull you over, on top of my trembling body
Youíre in control, ready to take from me

You go down
My shirt comes up
Inside the room
Nyxís tears are dripping
So are mine
From all this Iím suffering

I roll you over the bed
I rip your shirt apart
Just like how Iíll take your heart

Iím in control
Iím on you
My lips smother yours
Your tongue takes from me
The very breath I breathe

Finally, belt buckles are free
Zips down, pants off
Weíve made it this far
Weíll get it done
Start with my bra undone

I moan
You groan
Your lips are on my chest
You tongue, doing whatís best

The thunder crashes outside the window
You hands wandering down between my thighs
In the noise, lost are my avid cries

Boxers off
My tears are pouring
My panties are slipping

You roll me over to face the sky
My heartbeat begins to race
You straddle me in place

Nyx is crying harder, Zeus is getting louder
But Aphrodite is at work
She has told Eros before:
Do not make the arrows hurt

All thatís done
Thereís more to do
You ask for entry
In do I let you

A final nibble on the lip
And in you go, in you slip

As the thunderís crashes intensify
Zeus, I know, is at our side
Nyx isnít crying
Sheís celebrating
I know because so am I

After weíve finished
The heat has diminished
But the flare can still jump high

Youíre on top of me
You meet my eyes
Between us there can be no lies

This isnít the last
When the thunder will crash
We both know thatís when
Iíll be with you again

Poetry by Callisto Jean
Read 413 times
Written on 2007-08-08 at 15:01

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