Stan Mathews , giant of a man in his skills with a ball ,

Plaid for Blackpool , Stoke and England ,

Known as the king of the dribble,

Wont the a F A cup meddle ,

Should have won more ,

In a game against Chelsea, a Chelsea player,

Ian McFarland - were his name - a stopper - stopping Stan were his aim!

A - clogger ! That were his game!

Of little skill , racked his studs down Stans shin,

More than once , down to the shin bone of our beloved Stan!,

Even McFarlands even the home fans booed - him! - after all it Stan they'd come
Come to see - Stan - were a player - the best around at the time
The fans know that - Stan united all football fans - not a damde cloger!
Football boots - more like workmans boots - with studs in the soles!
Not - the fancy dan '' boots '' of today

So bad his skipper, told Stan '' better get off , Stan , get it bandage'',

No need to come back on to the pitch'' , ''I'll be back said'' , Stan ,

This was before subs were not a part of the game, games started with eleven players - players player on - no mater what - so Stan - felt it were his dutey
To return to the game!

Referrer to days footfall boots of today - as no more than slippers!

A few minutes latter on Stan came , the skipper said to Stan; ''what are you doing

back Stan?''

There's a game to play - to be won'',

'' OK Stan go on the wing , stay a way from ''him'' ,

''Stay a way?'' '' now why should I do that , skip?''

Stan , bided his time , ball came to him , he smiled , McFarland , grind ,

'' Wont some more Stan? '', says he ,the so so player said ,

Stan grind wider , then set his jaw , twisted , turned as like a ballet dancer!

More than a footballer!

Now a grin so wide upon his face , the Chelsea player, grin - vanished!

Swore , and coursed our Stan , he could not get near our Stan for all he tried,

The result of this tussle were , it was the inept , clogger of Chelsea who paid

The fools price in full!

The rest of the game out on the wing , left a gibbering idiot , while Stan the man,

Who grind his way to victory that day,

Now this I must share with you, as I said he played for England, out standing

His dribbling of the ball were world famous , of great renown,

In a game against Italy, he was in fine form , nay great form,

Dribbled threw the the enter Italy team, one player, decided to tackle Stan

As if the game were a game of rugby , all he manage closest, he got to Stan

Were to pull, Stans shorts down! If they could be called shorts!

As to the knees they went!

With his shorts below his bum , now more like a pencil skirt - ( Ask your


Stan went on , a dribbling with the ball, the elastic in his shorts at his knees!

For Stan - no problem - no problem at all!

Leaving the Italian in tears of frustration - only the grass and air in his hands!

And of course - Stan scored a peach of a glory's goal!

Stan was 50 when he finally hung his boots up on the peg fore the last time,

Will we never see the likes of Stan again?

Such skilful players there are today I agree - but - none are quite like Stan!

Stan was - THE MAN.

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-09-19 at 20:50

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dee quirke
you are a great writer my friend


A new passion I find in you! From the reading, I can see that he is one tough player!

Am I understanding this right? Did he go on and score with his pants down, lol?